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Pakistan and disputes at the DSB

   Pakistan is now far more actively engaged in the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Mechanism than it was in the past. This is in part due to lack of financial resources and in part lack of expertise, both of which are common problems for all developing countries. The following is an overview of all the disputes that Pakistan has been involved in either as a complainant , respondent or as a third party.

A. Pakistan-as complainant

  1. United States - Import Prohibition of Certain Shrimp and Shrimp Products

  2. United States - Transitional Safeguard Measure on Combed Cotton Yarn from Pakistan

  3. Egypt - Anti-Dumping Duties on Matches from Pakistan

   The last one was resolved at the consultations stage at the WTO to the satisfaction of Pakistan.


B. Pakistan - as respondent 

  1. Pakistan - Patent Protection for Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Chemical Products

  2. Pakistan - Export Measures Affecting Hides and Skins


C. Pakistan - as third party

  1. United States - Measures Affecting Imports of Women’s and Girls’ Wool Coats

  2. United States - Measures Affecting Imports of Woven Wool Shirts and Blouses from India

  3. United States - Import Prohibition of Certain Shrimp and Shrimp Products

  4. Argentina - Transitional Safeguard Measures on Certain Imports of Woven Fabric Products of Cotton and Cotton Mixtures Originating in Brazil

  5. United States - Rules of Origin for Textiles and Apparel Products

  6. 6. European Communities - Conditions for the Granting of Tariff Preferences to Developing Countries and

  7. United States - Subsidies on Upland Cotton in the dispute phase

  8. Turkey - Measures Affecting the Importation of Rice