Crucial Phase of Agriculture negotiations started

The Chair of Committee on Agriculture Special Session (COA SS) resumed the Room E consultations on 8th October 2007 after a pause of two weeks. Chair intends to cover the “less textually developed” areas in draft modalities text, starting from Export Credits, Food Aid, STEs and Monitoring & Surveillance this week and SPs, SSM, Sensitive Products and Green Box next week. There is a possibility to discuss other topics such as Tropical products, tariff escalation and preference erosion as well. The groups like G-20, Cairns and G-33 are working concurrently to contribute positively towards this intensive process.

Upon conclusion of this two week intensive session the Chair of COA SS intends to revise the draft modalities text and issue it around first week of November 2007. There are no deadlines set for the modalities however it is anticipated that after the revised texts are issued there could be high level engagement before the General Council meeting on 18th December 2007 in order to reach a consensus on modalities.