G-20 and G-33 are ready to conclude the round but not at any cost

16 November 2007

Developing countries want a successful conclusion of DDA in near future but not at any cost and the terms not favorable for development outcome, said the G-20 Ministers gathered for its Ministerial meeting in Geneva on 15th November 2007.

The G-20 ministerial meeting held at a crucial phase of DDA negotiations amidst the anticipation of revised draft modalities text on agriculture that would form basis for horizontal negotiations. G-33 also held a ministers/senior officials coordination meeting on the sidelines of G-20 meeting in order to reiterate its position on SPs and SSM and show willingness to engage constructively in the negotiating process.

Mr. Celso Amorium, Brazilian Minister, said that G-20 is a key alliance of developing countries that has shaped the DDA in its existing process and developing countries have gained so much out of G-20’s firm stance and persistent unity. All of the ministers and senior officials shared his assessment and resolved to maintain unity and a positive approach towards forthcoming process.

Pakistan appreciated the role of G-20 in negotiations and of Brazil as coordinator of G-20. Pakistan said that we must take care of all issues and not diminish importance of any area in pursuit of getting modalities at the earliest.

It was shared by all of the members that the U.S and EC have formed an implicit coalition finding comfort zones for each other and now they are pressurizing the developing countries to extend beyond reasonable limits. Brazilian Minister said that we are seeing “another Cancun episode”. Members also felt that it would not be possible to agree upon modalities in near future and the next deadline seems to be June/July 2008.

Apart from the G-20 and G-33 communiqué (placed below for download) the developing country groups issued a joint statement outlining the development concerns in Agriculture and NAMA negotiations. Statements are available via link below.

Adopted G33 coordiantion meeting statement
Joint Statement
G-20 Communiqué