Pakistan critical of ‘zeroing methodology’ in anti-dumping

Geneva - 29th January 2008

During the informal plurilateral consultations on the core issues in ‘Anti-Dumping Agreement’ at the WTO last week, Pakistan showed disappointment over the provision of ‘zeroing methodology’ in the new draft text. The said text has been proposed by the Chairman of ‘Negotiating Group on Rules’ on his own responsibility, based on his assessment of a long series of negotiations among Member states.

The FANs (Friends of Anti-dumping Negotiations) group, of which Pakistan is a member, took a very strong position on ‘zeroing’ and termed it as detrimental to the export interest of developing countries. Similar was the uproar against removing the desirability language of ‘Lesser Duty’ provision in calculating the margin of dumping. Removal of such provision is likely to escalate the rate of duty at the time of final determination – thereby making the export products less competitive. Most countries including Pakistan voiced their concern against such revision of the existing provision on the subject. Besides, other issues relating to anti-circumvention, sunset, causation and public interest were also discussed in greater details. The discussion however continues, to recommence on 11th February 2008.

Pakistan’s delegation was led by Mr. Salman Nabi, who heads the ‘National Tariff Commission’ – the investigating authority under trade remedy laws in Pakistan. He was assisted by Dr Zafar Qadir, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the WTO.