Pakistan is offering training for cotton scientists of C4 (proponents of cotton proposal) as well as all West African cotton growing countries to promote south-south cooperation

In the 10th Round of Consultations on Cotton Development Assistance, Pakistan indicated that Cotton Research Institute Multan which is declared by OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) as centre of excellence in Asia is ready to provide training to C4 and all the West African Cotton growing countries. We have now worked on that concept and we are ready with a concrete project proposal. The total cost of the project for five years (15 trainees for 30 days per year) is 2.16 million US dollars; Pakistanís contribution is 1.31 million US dollars. There is a shortfall of 0.856 million dollars. Pakistan has already approached few financial institutions and donor countries to meet the short fall .

 This training for cotton scientists would include areas like:
•       Breeding techniques for development of high yielding cotton varieties
•       Maintenance of cotton gene pool
•       Cotton irrigation management
•       Sustainable cotton production under water stress environment
•       Techniques for analysis of cotton fibre, yarn and yarn spinning
•       Cotton disease management
•       Integrated Pest management