NAMA and Agriculture modalities– The way forward after Potsdam

The Chairs of the Agriculture and NAMA negotiations, Ambassadors Crawford Falconer of New Zealand and Don Stephenson of Canada have jointly informed the TNC yesterday about the way forward from now till the end of July given the failure of the G4 at Potsdam.

Terming the process a “step-wise one”, they are holding bilateral and plurilateral meetings with the membership which shall lead to the release of revised negotiating texts in mid-July. NAMA negotiations have been suspended till then .

The Chairs shall be convening all the memersbship in the week of the 23rd of July in order to get initial reactions on the texts and allow the entire month of August for the delegations to receive further feedback from capitals. This in turn would lead to further refinement and revision in September when the process resumes and delegations are clearer on the levels of flexibility and compromises possible.  

According to some delegations, the Chairs are aiming for a this “step-wise process” to allow the membership all opportunities to engage,  digest and make markers on the way to a breakthrough ,as the process may not be able to absorb endless shocks and breakdowns in  dialogue.