Lamy welcomes revised agriculture and NAMA negotiating texts

Director-General Pascal Lamy welcomed the release of revised negotiating texts in agriculture and industrial goods trade issued on 8 February by Agriculture Negotiating Group Chairman Crawford Falconer and Non-Agricultural Market Access Chair Don Stephenson.

These documents, he said, paved the way for the launch of an important new stage in the Doha Round of global trade talks.

“The two chairs have produced texts which are now comprehensive. They reflect the progress that has arisen from the intensive negotiations involving all 151 WTO Members since July of last year. Both Crawford and Don have listened to the Members and their views are reflected in these negotiating documents. As expected some areas in the negotiations will require further work. But it is clear that with the release of these revised texts we are a step closer to looking across both these issues as we try to find the final balance for an ambitious and development-oriented round.”