Pakistan's Intervention in Services Enchilada

17th September, 2009

Thank you Chair for holding this important meeting and giving us the capitals on opportunity to participate. Building up on Delhi, sir, we feel that most of us wish to see work reactivated in areas other than Ag and NAMA based in issue based roadmaps. We hope that resumption of engagement enables members to conclude services negotiations once Ag and NAMA have been concluded.

2.         Since the Signalling Conference in 2008, there is not much to report on revised offers. However ,we felt that a clear roadmap coupled with our commitments, can help achieve the target i.e. of submission of final offers. We already have a greater degree of clarity in services negotiations, resulting from bilateral and plurilateral engagements and the Signalling Exercise. Pakistan feels, at his point of time, that even with the financial crisis, there would be no backsliding on our signals; we urge members to finalize their revised offers in the post Ag/NAMA phase and see whether they can go beyond their signals on a best endeavour basis, hence the intensification in engagement and side by side addressing the LDC’s concerns are important.

3.         We appreciate the progress in the Working Party on Domestic Regulations. Pakistan is of the view that the draft disciplines on domestic regulations need to be balanced and ensure predictable smooth market access for service suppliers without unduly impinging upon fair and justifiable regulatory objectives.

4.         The area of GATS rules however, needs special attention as very little substantive work has been done so far. In anticipation of conclusion of the DDA by end 2010, we need to reenergize this area with fresh political commitments for a meaningful engagement.
We feel that what has been decided by members so far must be respected. The sequencing agreed at Hong Kong should not be disturbed and there should be no hostage-taking approach. Any further clarity on revised offers may be pursued in the post Ag/NAMA phase.       


Pakistan's Intervention (Agriculture Special Session - Room E)

17th September, 2009

Thank you Mr. Chairman for giving us yet again an opportunity to express our views. We, the intruders from the Capitals, are getting some positive indications that Geneva is waking up. If this is so, this augurs well for every one. However, some members have hinted at developing work plans in the months to come which is a bit of a watering down. We believe that workplans have to be developed now as soon as possible and issues settled in the months to come if we are looking to conclude Agrilculture by end 2009. The HK sequencing for DDA does not allow us the liberty to target December, 2010 for Agriculture modalities.

2.         Sir, we have faith in your leadership and support your work program including the templates and also wish to participate in your consultation on tropical products.

3.         Sir, I take the liberty of referring again to your speech in New Delhi and its reiteration today in terms of categroisation of issues and the need for issue-based work plans with specific timelines. Taking guidance from these, we believe that issues can be bracketed in three groups. Issues like solution for cotton, para 42 of Rev.4 on Blue Box head room, TRQ creation, sensitive products and tariff capping which can be termed as purely political, requiring greater political will to unlock. The second category can be termed political-cum-technical which include the technical aspects of political issues which render themselves to technical solutions and technical issues with polictical connotations. This would include tropical products and preference erosion, structure of triggers and remedies for SSM, tariff simplification, compensation for additional flexibilities and the treatment for an additional 2% of sensitive products. The third category is of issues which are of a purely technical nature and we do not see any reason why they cannot be settled immediately. Many countries have not finished their AVE exercises; Non- Ad Valorem In-quota Tariffs not covered by AVE exercises ; seasonality issue in SSM and tariffication on some paras for rev iv.

4.         With a proper mix of the last two categories, the list can be targeted for finalisation in two months time. This achievement will make the settlement of the polictical issues much easier to meet the deadline for ag modalities by end 2009.