Pakistanís Intervention in the Negotiating Group on Trade Facilitation

18th September 2009

We thank you, Mr. Chairman, for convening this meeting and sharing your views about the state of play in the Trade Facilitation Negotiations and the roadmap that you have proposed for the coming few months.
2.         We appreciate the leadership role played by you for steering a ‘bottom – up’ and inclusive approach. We support the workplan shared by you for the next two months, the areas to be covered and suggestions for a ‘consolidated negotiating text’. From where we stand and where we want to go- the methodology and expected outcome proposed by you- is the most prudent and pragmatic approach.
3.         We need to be careful, as you have already indicated, that positions expressed by members are taken on board.
4.         S&D is an integral and important part of this negotiations. We appreciate the work of ‘Friend of the Chair’ and we need to intensify that.

5.         Mr. Chair, you can count on Pakistan’s support as always. We look forward to taking part in the intensive process suggested by you.


Pakistanís Intervention in the MiddleGrounders Meeting

18th September 2009

The New Delhi Ministerial Meeting focused on process as well as the target date for conlcusion of DDA. Working backwards, the majority view was that Ag and NAMA modalities should be finalised by end 2009. Though the Delhi Ministerial Meeting, represented a large cross section of members, it was still a plurilateral meeting. At Delhi, Pakistan proposed and was supported by DG Lamy that one way to multilaterise the process is to get the Delhi outcome and subsequent roadmaps endorsed by the upcoming Geneva Ministerial.


Pakistanís Intervention in the Dispute Settlement Body(Special Session)

18th September 2009

Mr. Chairman, We thank and appreciate the manner in which you have been leading the work through out the year. We are also thankful to the Members for their hard work and contribution to refine the text. The draft text circulated by Chair has been endorsed by all Members as basis for negotiations. We need to continue working on that basis and should  build upon the progress made thus for. As we do not have luxury of time on our side, we need to intensify our work in a pragmatic way, being in negotiating mood and mode in the real sense of the phrase.
2.         DSU is not part of Single Undertaking. What does that mean? To my delegation, it means that the Chair of the DSU can not look towards other Chairs who will share his burden for trade offs. Whatever balance is required, it has to come from within the group. In this difficult task ahead, I can assure you unconditional support of my delegation and we should try to conclude these negotiations as part of the overall package.
3.         We fully share and support the work programme proposed by the Chair for convening two week long sessions. The issuance of revised text before the end of this year is a welcome idea; we should preserve the progress made during the whole year and reflect the state of play and position of various Members in a concise and transparent manner.
4.         I would also like to dilate upon the idea of prioritizing various measures proposed by some countries. In view of my delegation, the proposals can only be split in two categories, mature and less mature. We need to work in tandem on all proposals to bring them to a level where they can be incorporated into the legal agreement. The time is not yet ripe for any prioritization and when Members feel that they can venture into that area, the developmental outcome and interest of developing countries must be taken on board.
5.         Pakistan is ready and willing to contribute in a constructive manner as we have done so always.

Thank you.