Pakistanís Intervention in the Informal Session of the Negotiating Group on Rules (Fisheries Subsidies)

Thank you Mr. Chairman!

First of all, we take this opportunity to thank you on your useful presentation for the better understanding of the Fisheries subsidies.
Next, we support the statement of New Zealand given on behalf of the Friends.

Mr. Chairman,

Pakistan underscores the need for the maintenance of the intricate balance between S&DT for the LDCs and Developing country in respect of their socio-economic development priorities, like poverty reduction and livelihood security on the one hand, and sustainability of the global fisheries with reference to granting of unfettered subsidies, on the other. We should carefully craft a solution for achieving the “right balance” lest any disturbance or tilting towards one or the other may jeopardise the entire global fisheries edifice.

Mr. Chairman,

We face major challenges in terms of poverty and livelihood security, as well as global challenges for sustainability of natural resources. We should address these issues as rightly pointed out by China, Brazil, and India during their respective interventions. We sincerely also acknowledge their concerns in this regard, and look forward to reaching a consensus upon all these diverse interests.

Mr. Chairman,

You have a gigantic task in front of you to resolve these issues, and we wish you all the best in your endeavours’ to reach the common ground acceptable to all.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.