Pakistan re-elected as Vice Chair of the General Assembly of the Advisory Center on WTO Law

Friday, 15th June 2007

Dr. Mohammad Saeed, Counsellor of the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the WTO was reelected as the Vice Chairman of the General Assembly of the Advisory Centre on WTO Law (ACWL) last week for one year till mid 2008. He was first elected as the Vice Chair in 2006.


The ACWL is a public international organization in Geneva that was established in 2001 to provide legal advice on WTO law, support in WTO dispute settlement proceedings and training in WTO law to least developed countries and Member developing countries.Currently 27 developing countries and 10 developed countries are Members of ACWL. The ACWL's mission is to ensure that Members of the WTO have a full understanding of their rights and obligations under WTO law and enjoy an equal opportunity to represent effectively their interests in WTO dispute settlement procedures.


The role of the Vice Chairman is to assist the Chairperson in his tasks and to act as Chair in the absence of the Chairperson in meetings of the General Assembly of the ACWL.


 Besides this Members of this Mission are also being called upon to offer their services at the WTO as well. While Ambassador Manzoor Ahmad will continue to chair the TRIPS Council (Special Session) to which he was first appointed in February 2004, Dr. Mohammad Saeed has been asked to continue to chair the Committee on Market Access to which he was appointed in 2006. Ms. Shaista Sohail has been elected to Chair the Working Party on GATS Rules in the WTO