Pakistan questions Indonesian trade policy regime for discriminatory practices in import of rice, oranges and textile products

Speaking at the trade policy review of Indonesia on 27 June 2007 at the WTO, Ambassador Manzoor Ahmad called for a fair and non-discriminatory trade regime in Indonesia . Stating that Indonesia was Pakistan ’s second largest trade partner in ASEAN region, he informed that the bilateral trade between the two countries grew from USD 330 million to USD 816 million during the last four years. He added, however, that despite this sizeable growth in trade volume, there was lot more potential, given the market size and complimentarity of the two economies. He also highlighted the problems being faced by the Pakistani business community in Indonesia , especially with respect to export of rice, “kinnu” and textile products. He particularly criticized the strict and biased import licensing requirements for the textile imports favoring import of raw fabric over value added

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